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Facts + Figures

Client: Private
Address: Indian Beach, Sarasota, Florida
Completion Date: 2014 (Phase 1)
Construction Cost: $150 / SF (target cost)
Project Size: ? SF / ? m2

Construction Manager: Owner
Structural Engineer: Wilson Structural Consultants
Energy Calculations: Calcs-Plus
Acoustics Consultant: Siebein Associates
Architect of Record: Cobrooke

Photography: JNW Studios

Project Description

Indian Beach Family House is a custom single family residence designed for a professional family with a teenage daughter and with the high possibility of a single grandparent moving in in the near future.
The Owners' program required a phased plan to enlarge and improve the existing structure to provide a three bedroom house that can be built as finance permits and, after the initial major structural repairs of Phase 1 are undertaken, to not have to undergo the cost and disruption of having to live elsewhere while construction is in progress.
The family's critical needs are to have space for music, study, reading and cooking that are acoustically separate while still having plenty of opportunity for family living and entertainment. These activities form a large part of this family's life but are frequently incompatible as one person tries to undertake one quiet activity while music lessons or an impromptu rehearsal are held simultaneously.

Universal design is a necessary parameter of the project to provide for the future and to permit wheelchair bound friends and relatives to visit.
The site is located in the 100-year floodplain requiring the first habitable level to be a minimum of 6'-6" above grade and only a 200 SF / 20 m2 air conditioned entry is permitted below this.
Materials are steel and wood structure above a flood resistant concrete and masonry structure. A tornado-resistant safe room is provided within the structure and above flood level.

Existing Conditions

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Construction - Phase 1

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