Facts + Figures

Client: Design Research
Address: Don Valley, South Yorkshire, UK
Completion Date: -
Construction Cost: -
Project Size:

Photography: JNW Studios

Project Description

Cadeby New Town is a research project studying the potential form of a carbon-neutral town in Yorkshire, United Kingdom. It is conceived as an organic replacement for the aging infrastructure and building stock of this part of England's 'rust-belt' and will allow the landscape of the Don Valley to be restored to its natural pre-industrial state.
The form of the town is designed to generate a sustainable urban life amongst the town's 20,000 inhabitants, where all facilities are within 20 minutes walk and the urban plan facilitates sustainable transportation and land-use strategies.

Architecture and landscape are integrated to the point that one is synonymous with the other. The dense town lies in a natural south-facing bowl within the side of the valley and uses this orientation to maximize solar heating and daylighting strategies within the architecture. Blending the stepped radius form of Ancient Greek and Roman theaters with the historic central village green of English villages: Cadeby New Town proposes a town that represents our liberal democracy in built-form, the residents in their hillside houses looking out over the communal green which is the downtown and stage of this town's Public Realm.